Intelligent Document Processing

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Intelligent Document Processing
How It Works
The Intelligent Document Processing solution uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning tools to identify, label, and extract relevant data from any input document.
The extracted information is mapped into a structured format while the AI configures a model which can be applied to all similar document types.
The structured data is then matched, qualified, and reconciled against specified guidelines, thresholds, or other documents based on business needs.
The output is pushed to downstream systems automatically.’s AI-on-AI layer enables real-time selection of the most relevant algorithm for a particular use case from the model library, leading to a more robust solution that is capable of handling diverse scenarios and edge cases.

Where You Can Use Intelligent Document Processing

According to IDC, 43% of knowledge workers say that paper-based workflows make their daily tasks less efficient, costlier, and less productive. With, enterprises have seen:
~ 90% accuracy in extracting key values from documents
85% decrease in time taken to organize data
50% reduction in resource costs

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