Cost to Develop an Food Delivery Application

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The exact costs for developing an on-demand delivery app would depend on what kind of features you have, who develops it, and all but I’ll outline a general idea.

I’ve worked with software development companies and independent developers in the past and what I can tell you is the prices can fluctuate depending on who you hire.

First of all, you can go about this in two ways. You can build it from scratch, like you can code it from the ground-up. Or you can just use a clone app.

The first one is the obvious one, but it will be a bit more expensive. Typically, if you want to build from scratch, you’ll have to spend around $10,000 to $15,000, more or less to get the finished product. Because app development is not simple. Another thing to consider is the time because this is not a job for one person. Well, technically a single person could do it but it would take more time. Like, a lot more time. You’ll have to hire different people for Development, Testing, and UI/UX Design. The design might cost you additional money because that also is a big task.

Even if you approach a mobile app development company, you’ll be looking at roughly the same amount of money. Of course, this would change depending on where you live but since we live in the era of the internet, don’t think geography would hold you back.

The cost-effective way to go about this in my opinion is to use a clone app script. Like if you want an on-demand food delivery app you can use an uber eats clone app. These apps have all the features already built it and all you would need to do is customize the script for your business. Well, the company you buy it from would do it for you actually. They would typically charge you by the hour for the customization work. With a clone script, you can get a finished product for around $5,000 to $8,000, give or take. Hope this helps.

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