Top 5 Lego Lighting Construction Toy With Light

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For years together, LEGO lighting construction toy with light has fascinated people with the different designs that can be made from just interlocking plastic building blocks. With continuous improvements and the different utilities, Lego carries there and Lego toys with a light.  Lego has been used in different domains, including for teaching the basics of structural engineering to children.

Here are the top 5 Lego lighting construction toys with light

  • LED light LEGO 75105 Star wars Millennium Falcon brick kits

This Lego kit consists of 22 assorted pieces to assemble, connecting cables of different dimensions- 5, 15, 30 cm, battery pack, white and blue Bit lights, port expansion board, and a 5x LED white strip light. This kit creates a spaceship with the cockpit having lights, flashlights for the top cannons. It makes it the most extraordinary ship of all time.

  • LED light LEGO 76020 Ninjago city brick kits.

The Ninjago city’s creation involves white strip lights, flashing white bit lights, blue strip lights, and port expansion boards of different dimensions, connecting cables, battery pack, adhesive squares, and 11 LEGO pieces for its assembling. The Ninja go city almost seems like it comes to life with these built-in lights. To add a fun element, lights for hanging street lanterns, tower lighting, and cherry blossoms have been added to make the experience a tad bit better.

  • LED light LEGO 10254 winter holiday train brick kits

The holiday season is always celebrated with homes illuminated to add to the Christmas cheer. This LEGO lighting construction toy with light is a train that guides its way through delivering presents, decorations, and spreading the Christmas spirit to the townsfolk. This kit consists of expansion boards, connecting cables, adhesive squares, bit lights in white, and a multi-color changing lights string.

  • LED light LEGO 10247 Ferris wheel brick kit

The Ferris wheel has been an attraction for people of all age groups; this LEGO kit has lighting and flashing lights that are multicolored to add to the Ferris wheel’s rotating action. The added effects make it appear as though you are in a real theme park. The LEGO lighting construction toy with a light kit consists of connecting cables, expansion boards, rubber bands, LED strip lights, 5 LEGO pieces for assembling, and multicolored LED light strings.

  • LED light LEGO 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts castle brick kit

The perfect choice for Harry Potter fans who are not less than thrilled with features that delight fans of the books and movies. It is nothing but a truly magical kit. There are two versions of the kit; basic and advanced. Both versions are unique in their ways, with assorted LEGO pieces for assembling and port expansion boards in both versions.

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