Top 5 High-Paying Tech Jobs to Aim For

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In this blog, we shall look at the top 5 high-paying tech jobs. We shall discuss their roles and responsibilities as well as the salaries they approximately command.

Top 5 High-Paying Jobs in Tech
Big Data Engineer
Big Data refers to extremely large data sets which are characterised by increasing volume, greater variety and more velocity. As per the projection by Statista, the global Big Data Market is projected to increase to $103 billion by 2027. This implies that more and more business organizations are investing heftily in this domain in order to capture actionable insights from this vast repository of available data. This has naturally propelled the demand for experts who are proficient in executing Big Data applications as well as overseeing the entire lifecycle of development of these applications. This takes us to the job role of a Big Data Engineer. This is one of the top high-paying tech jobs with the average yearly salary being approximately around $120,000.

Skill Set of a Big Data Engineer

Expertise in handling large volumes of data
Proficiency in data warehousing technologies
Familiarity with non-relational database systems
Statistical and Mathematical Skills
Data Visualization and Programming Skills
Expertise in Data Management
Excellent Communication Skill
Roles and Responsibilities of a Big Data Engineer

Build, analyze and maintain Big Data Sets
Making use of Data Warehousing technologies
Diminishing resource burden through finding efficient means of Data analysis
This is not one of the high-paying entry-level tech jobs and Big Data Engineers usually begin as Entry level Computer Engineers and Data Analysts.

Information Systems Security Manager
Security jobs are definitely some of the best-paying tech jobs, given the rising frequency and sophistication of cyber crimes and threats. The high demand for Information Security experts is not being met with an adequate supply of the same and this has translated into the job role of an Information Systems Security Manager is one of the high-paying jobs in tech. The annual average salary of an Information Systems Security Manager is held to be approximately around $130,000.

As the name suggests, Information Systems Security Managers are responsible for safeguarding the information systems of organisations. They provide guidance on system vulnerabilities, execute security policies and develop security strategies. As an education requirement, they need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a tech-related field.

Skill Set of an Information Systems Security Manager

Profound knowledge of ensuing security threats and Cyber Security best practices
Knowledge of Network Security
Expertise in dealing with threats associated with IoT, Cloud and Web
IT Security certifications
Roles and Responsibilities of an Information Systems Security Manager

Bridging potential and possible gaps and shortcomings in the security system of an organization
Advising and creating awareness among individuals on the best practices of Cyber Security
Reviewing and auditing an organization’s existing security status
Responding to and mitigating active cyber threats
This is not one of the high-paying entry-level tech jobs and Information Systems Security Managers usually begin as Network Security or IT Security Analysts.

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Cloud Architect
The core responsibility of a Cloud Architect is to devise the cloud computing strategy of an organization. They are responsible for designing, optimizing, and analyzing cloud networks. Moreover, since more and more organizations are coming to be increasingly dependent on different software-as-a-service cloud platforms, there is a rising demand for professionals who are able to integrate and secure them.

The job role of Cloud Architects is considered to be one of the most secure and high-paying tech jobs. This is guaranteed through the futuristic scope of cloud platforms. The annual average salary of a Cloud Architect is held to approximately be around $123,000.

Skill Set of a Cloud Architect

Profound Knowledge of Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure, its platforms, and applications
Commendable programming knowledge and expertise
Experience in IT Engineering
Expertise pertaining to prominent cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google
Fundamental understanding of Linux and scripting language
Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Architect

Devising Cloud Strategies
Implementing and deploying Cloud strategies
Evaluating and suggesting improvements for the organization’s cloud network
Responding to potential threats to cloud security
This is yet again not an entry-level job and Cloud Architects are usually professionals who would have spent years as Cloud Administrators or Cloud Analysts.

AI Engineer
Artificial Intelligence or AI and Machine Learning or ML, happen to be two of the fast-growing and most prominent niches within the tech field. In fact, they are being actively adopted by organizations to streamline their operations. Moreover, the scope of AI applications is increasing by leaps and bounds and it is being used to accomplish erstwhile unimaginable goals such as the dream of autonomous cars. AI Engineers possess the combined skills of a Data Scientist as well as a Software Developer, who not only help in the deployment of AI in different fields, but also in improving AI technologies.

This is yet again one of the high-paying jobs in tech, with individuals commanding an annual average salary of $115,000.

Skill Set of an AI Engineer

Profound Knowledge of AI processes, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Expertise in different Programming Languages
Robust coding skills
Prior experience in Data Science, IT, or Engineering domains
Roles and Responsibilities of an AI Engineer

Application of AI systems to different industries and in different situations to meet diverse objectives
Involved in developing, maintaining, and troubleshooting AI systems
Resolve concerns and issues faced by business organizations with the help of AI
Full Stack Developer
The demand for developers is on a steady rise across the globe and the job role of a Full Stack Developer is expected to arise as one of the high-paying tech jobs in the years to come. The average annual salary for a Full Stack Developer happens to be approximately around $100,000. A full stack developer is essentially understood as someone who happens to be proficient in the entire process from design to completion of the development of the front as well as back end of a website. Moreover, with technological innovations being on a steep rise, companies happen to be looking for Full Stack Developers, who do concomitantly happen to have expertise in utilizing the potential of cloud vendors like Google, AI technologies as well as those like Kubernetes.

Skill Set of a Full Stack Developer

Organizational and Product Management Skills
Profound knowledge of front as well as back-end development of a website
Knowledge of database technologies
Roles and Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

Involved in making use of technologies like Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS
Scripting and Programming
Build and Construct APIs with the help of MEAN stack technologies
Ensuring compliance and responsiveness of apps with relevant standards and consequently testing the integrity of the code
This blog gives an extremely synoptic picture of some of the best high-paying tech jobs. It is important to remember that given the ever-evolving nature of the tech field, there is no dearth of high paying jobs in tech. What remains important is to acquire relevant skills, nurture the right aptitude, perpetually upgrade oneself and relentlessly aim for and work towards grabbing these coveted positions.

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