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Level 59 to 67: Red Salamanders

Catched using the exact method as the green swamp lizards earlier, from level up to 67 Hunter you’ll catch red salamanders in the north of Castle Wars or south of Ardougne. It’s tempting to get red chinchompas before you start making some money out of your efforts, but I’d advise against waiting. You’ll need to catch 1.104 red salamanders in order to go between 59 and Hunter 67. This can take up to 5 hours if you don’t stop to do birdhouse runs. It is recommended that you do your birdhouses during this grind as it will speed it up. Don’t forget about alchs or weight reduction armour.

Level 70 – 73: The Black Salamanders

In the Wilderness you are able to set up an additional trap, which makes black salamanders very quick XP. Placing 5 traps means XP rates of about 110.000 each hour. Don’t worry about being in the Wilderness as no one will frequent this area and there is no risk to you. You’ll have to catch 1.393 black salamanders to reach Level 73 Hunter. This will allow you to capture black chinchompas.

Level Between 73 and 99: Black Chinchompas

It’s the perfect time to begin earning money through training Hunter. This is serious money. If you don’t die once training from 73 to 99 Hunter (which isn’t possible) it is estimated that the 38.228 black chinchompas will earn 116.595.400 GP.

You won’t allowed to go the black chinchompas, hunting continuously until you’ve captured nearly 40.000 from them however If you’re vigilant and quick to log-out, you’re not likely to lose too many. It is worth thinking about training Hunter prior to combat using creating a new account so you don’t have to worry about most of the players you’ll encounter, since it’s only Level 33 Wilderness. Being close to the level 30 Wilderness means that you should bring an amulet of glory or grand seed pod for quick teleportation. Some people would suggest you reach 80 levels before starting to learn about black chinchompas, as you gain access to 6 total traps when you reach this level However, this is not required as the XP rates you’ll earn in the event of 3 ticking here prior to 80 is equivalent to black salamanders. It is essential to hunt black chinchompas on low-traffic times to avoid kills.

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