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Marcogesic oil is an allopathic medicine containing peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and linseed oil along with other ingredients that work as a pain reliever, inflammation reducer & also maintain skin health. Marcogesic Oil is an innovation in pain management. It gives a magic touch to relieve pain.

Benefits of Marcogesic oil:

Endowed with the goodness of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil & linseed oil works wonderfully in –

· muscular pain treatment,

· lower back pain treatment

· Sprain and strain, use this oil.

· It is also useful in frozen shoulder,

· Spondylitis, rheumatic arthritis, and inflammatory joint diseases.


· Peppermint oil cures multiple pains such as headache, muscle pain, joint pain, itching, cough cold & also stress.

· Linseed oil prevents cancer cells & improves skin health.

· Eucalyptus oil cures dry skin & also work as an antioxidant.

How to use Marcogesic oil?

Marcogesic oil is an oil use it as per the prescription or direction is written on the packaging. Apply a few drops of this oil on the affected area & massage gently till the oil completely absorb in the skin. Don’t apply it on cuts or infections also don’t put this oil into the eyes. In case of cold & blocked nose apply a few drops of Marcogesic oil on the chest & massage for a good 1-2 minutes gently.

Marcogesic oil is useful in:

Muscular Pain – stiffness in the muscles is one of the common problems. It is a form of acute pain & can be cured with home remedies in most cases but there are some vulnerable cases as well wherein medical look after are must.
Joint Pain – old age or old injuries can damage the cartilage of tissue in the joint causing friction between the bones in joints mainly knee area. There are several methods to treat joint pain from yoga to home remedies but not everyone can follow the same to get rid of joint pain.
Sprain & Strain – overstretching of ligaments or tendons while doing any physical activity or even running causes sprain & strain.
Spondylitis – injury of other problem in any region of the spinal cord is medically known as spondylitis. It is common in adult men.
Headache – the most type of body pain is headache. It hinders the normal activity irrespective of age. Most of the people tend to take painkillers to avoid the pain but that is not the right method.
Menstrual Pain – during menstrual cycle a female experiences moderate amount of pain in the lower abdomen.
Frozen shoulder – rarely occurring pain in the shoulder. Sleeping in a wrong way sometimes puts more pressure of the shoulder & as soon as you wake up, you can feel the pain in your shoulder.
Lower back pain – lifting heavy, sitting in the same position for long, old accidental injury etc. can cause lower back pain in both males & females.

FAQs about Marcogesic Oil

Is Marcogesic oil safe for kids?

No, Marcogesic oil is not safe for all kids. Sensitive skin can get allergies. It is not safe for infants.

Can it be used in headache?

Yes, Marcogesic oil is effective in relieving headache.

Marcogesic oil is addictive?

No, it is not addictive, use it only when required.

Can you use without doctor’s consultation?

In some exceptional cases, you should consult your doctor.

Best Before:

It is best before 2 Years from the manufacturing date.

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