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I’m Denny Thomas Vattakunnel The second descendant of Late Shri. Thomas Vattankunnel and Smt. Rosamma. I was born and brought up in Mandapam, East Eleri Village in Kasaragod district, in God’s Own Country. Right from my childhood, I had a passion for writing, and occasionally I pen down my thoughts in a book. I have always dreamt of being a renowned Malayalam author as I grow up and I believe that I’ve made my dream come true.

I am a firm believer of the fact that it is the duty of every citizen to yearn for the welfare of the society and work towards achieving it, and perhaps that was why I chose to be a follower of Gandhi’s philosophies right from my childhood. I used to get involved in discussions that were closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals. I have faith in the seven social sins that Mahatma Gandhi wished every human should avoid so as to lead a holy life; I have always endeavored to practice them in my social as well as personal life.

In fact, this was one of the reasons why I decided to take a step forward in helping the lonely elders and thus set up Malabar’s first Old Age Home named “Ys Nivas” in Kasargod district in the year 1992 with the active participation and support from many like-minded personalities. I feel proud of this achievement and, as a founder and office-bearer of the Trust, the activities undertaken at this old age home have given me much self-satisfaction.

Moreover, I also had the opportunity to be the office bearer of some worldwide organizations like YMCA International and Y’s Men Club, where I got the opportunity to engage myself in various public service activities. For a couple of years, I had also served the Indian Chapter of UN Youth, a division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, which engages international youth volunteers to promote peace and social development across the globe.

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