India Imposes 20% Export Duty On Rice : Central government imposes new taxes on rice

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The changes caused by the monsoon this year have had a major impact not only in India but across the world. The same holds true in food production. It is because of this reason that vegetables, fruits and flowers are sold more than their base price. It has also affected rice and wheat pulses which are the staple food. Not only this, the war between Russia and Ukraine has also severely affected the production of food products from these two countries. Due to this reason, all the countries of the world depend only on India for rice.India is an important agricultural country. It is an age-old concept that agriculture is the backbone of India. Only our country of India produces a lot of rice and wheat. Taking advantage of this situation, our central government has decided to increase the export duty on basmati-free parboiled rice. There are reports that the prices of basmati rice varieties are going to be reduced. This is a huge jackpot for rice harvesting farmers. Similarly, the export of rice from India to other countries is slightly restricted.ndia Imposes 20% Export Duty On Rice : Rice is the staple food of most people in the world.

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