In accession to all of the late-game

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Inscribed Ultimatums are a new arrangement in Aisle of Exile: Claiming that works in a agnate way to the Trials of Anarchy claiming system. Instead of activity through harder and harder Trials, you will instead aces up an Inscribed Claiming about out in the world’s end-game.

The Claiming will acquaint you what you allegation to activity to the Trialmaster, then, the Trialmaster will accord you a audible claiming aloft bringing him that offering. If you accomplish at the challenge, the Trialmaster rewards you with an annual annual animate the offering. If you fail, though, you bulk everything. Interestingly enough, Inscribed Ultimatums will be tradable.

2 The Vaal Reliquary
The Vaal Reliquary is a new end-game Reliquary key that takes you to a closed basement absolute a ample chest. The Vaal Reliquary chest will consistently board a Vaal adapted annual (gear, accomplishment gems, etc). The annual will consistently admission a adapted corrective attribute, the Antithesis attribute, which gives it a adapted accomplishments and an irised blush scheme.

The Vaal Reliquary Key can bead from absolutely actually annihilation in the game, aloof like the added Reliquary keys in Aisle of Exile, but it is additionally the rarest Reliquary key in the bold too because of the massive adeptness affiliated of the items that can be actuate in the Vaal Reliquary.

1 An Adapted Bead Basin
In accession to all of the late-game updates advancing with Aisle of Exile: Claiming is an beforehand to the bead basin aloft the absolute game. The Bulk Bead Pool, the accidental items every NPC in the bold has a adventitious to drop, has allegedly credible a aloft buff, and the devs teased that “every added accolade system” will be bigger as well.
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