How social media helped ‘Football Manager’

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Recently EA has been adding new pack types to the traditional lightning round calendar, including the 85+ Star Player Pack and the 86+ version. Both provide six rare gold cards with a guaranteed 85+ or 86+ main card respectively, and the pack odds for these were among the best during Team of the Year. That didnt count for much given the incredible rarity of TOTY cards, but for a more accessible promo like Future Stars, it should offer good opportunities to get your hands on at least one of the low- to mid-tier additions.

Rather than lining EA coffers, though, you might prefer to feather your own virtual nest by dabbling in some opportune trading. Every promo creates moments of heavy supply, which lower the prices of fodder cards temporarily, so our advice 12 if you have the patience for it 12 would always be to sit on your apps and console transfer markets sniping those in-demand fodder cards. Do it whenever lightning rounds are fresh out of the blocks and supply hots up.

Buying up a bunch of 87-rated rare golds at cheap prices and then flipping them half an hour later is always a good way to top up the coin balance. Mass bidding on 84s is also a good tactic, as those are packed most frequently and will often slip through at low bid prices an hour after a lightning round has commenced when hundreds of auctions end simultaneously.

You can get Future Stars Team 1 in packs starting Friday, February 4 at 6pm GMT

Rangers player Nnamdi Ofoborhs FC Twitch stream targetted with racist abuse

Rangers Football Club has condemned racist attacks aimed towards player Nnamdi Ofoborh as he streamed FC 22 on Twitch.

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As reported by The Daily Record, Ofoborh live stream of FC 22 was the target of extremely racist remarks by several users on the popular game streaming platform.
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