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Playing with authentic materials, such as wood, metal and natural fabrics, Homary imagines furniture inspired by the voluptuous curves of style furniture, the clean lines of Scandinavian design or more current contemporary trends. The sources of inspiration are rich and varied, sometimes unusual but always respectful of materials and traditions. Dressing up the sideboard too wisely with a poppy red patina, dressing the chair in a totally offbeat fabric, tapping into the industrial trend by working with parquet-type table tops…

The brand dares to combine daring materials for sublimate his creations. Imagined sitting on planks of oak at the exit of the dryers, passing the wood on the dovetail machines, in the painting workshop, right in the middle of the furniture factory of our grandfather, the Homary brand was created by our parents to continue this family tradition of cabinetmaking furniture in the age of the Internet.

Created in 2012, the Homary brand is the result of a family know-how that has been perpetuated for three generations and a real passion for beautiful furniture made with noble materials in our family workshops. Each piece of furniture is unique. Manufactured in accordance with traditional processes, it is painted and patinated by hand using old, perfectly mastered techniques. Particularly committed to respect for the environment and an ethic of sustainable development, Homary uses wood species from plantations, mainly oak, acacia and pine, the brand refusing to use exotic woods.

As for our customers, what matters to us is the pleasure of living surrounded by beautiful furniture made with attention to detail and a demand for quality. We love furniture rooted in a common imagination that echoes our history in all. Homary team works in collaboration with the best designers to present collections with new lines that combine aesthetics, comfort and functionality. For reissues of antique furniture, he relies on the know-how and rules of traditional cabinetmaking and on the in-depth study of period furniture techniques. The poetic and timeless universe of the brand hides a company well anchored in its time, in constant search of new manufacturing processes. Between computer-controlled 5-axis CNC and wood chisels, Homary is a constantly boiling product research workshop.

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