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A top-notch renewable energy facility must have excellent design. We begin by studying the site, studying your demands, and monitoring the weather. Then, based on your location and typical electricity use, our engineers will choose the best equipment, finish the engineering design, and integrate our unique digital operational and maintenance platform for the proposed renewable energy plant. They will also determine the best power generation capacity for your site. Components will be bought from trusted suppliers that we also work with on our own projects. As your one-stop renewable energy EPC contractor, Jaysis wants to make sure you have the best-in-class machinery to satisfy your most basic need for dependable power. From the various possibilities available, our engineers will create and put together the renewable energy solution you choose that is tailored to your needs (Distributed Solar Solutions, Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Wind Solar Hybrid Farms, or Energy Storage Solutions). Even with the increase in demand, building a solar power plant still carries significant risks. End users choose the CAPEX model instead of making a sizable investment as a result. RESCO models, like those provided by Jaysis, allayed their apprehensions and questions. Major energy consumers, whether industrial, commercial, or institutional, also like the RESCO model because of the competitive pricing. To maintain top performance and little downtime, we keep a careful eye on our extensive array of renewable energy facilities. Our highly trained engineers will keep an eye on the renewable energy plant around-the-clock, seven days a week, to ensure that it runs efficiently for the duration of its life, giving you unbroken service and improving the performance of your renewable energy plant. Our all-inclusive EPC solution covers every aspect of the project, from site feasibility analyses to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety through the completion of plant commissioning. This involves using a patented remote monitoring system that is operational around-the-clock to oversee the renewable energy plant’s whole operation and maintenance.

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