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What is DevOps?

Development and Operations teams were working in silos for a long period of time. The result was delayed deliveries and less flexibility. This gave rise to DevOps culture and practices. DevOps basically is a set of practices that aims to improve collaboration and communication between software development teams and IT operations. It focuses on automating and integrating the processes of building, testing, deploying, and monitoring software applications. DevOps is instrumental in achieving speedy development cycles, faster releases, and increased efficacy. This made organizations implement DevOps culture to harness its potential.

DevOps Culture

DevOps culture is a set of values, principles, and practices that emphasizes the collaboration between development and operations teams. The goal of DevOps culture is to shorten the development lifecycle, improve the quality of software, and increase the reliability of IT systems.

The core of DevOps culture is increased transparency, communication, and collaboration between teams that traditionally worked in silos. This means breaking down the barriers between development, operations, and security teams, and empowering them to work together to deliver software faster and more reliably.

Other key elements of DevOps culture include:

A focus on continuous learning and improvement : DevOps teams are constantly looking for ways to improve their processes and tools. They use metrics and data to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Combined responsibility: DevOps teams are given the autonomy to make decisions and take risks. Development and Operations team has to work together throughout the development cycle.

Devops Implementation

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