Accounts Receivable Analysis made easier with intelyFi

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IntelyFi and AR Analysis  

In running a healthcare organization, administrators have countless tasks that they perform daily. The list includes making clinical decisions, keeping up with compliance updates, and, most of all, taking care of the patients.   

Amid all the deliverables needed daily, one critical process that is often overlooked is AR management. Efficient AR management allows healthcare facilities to determine the financial status of their organization.  

The process of AR analysis can be tedious and frustrating; that’s why intelyHealth designed software that will help healthcare providers in dealing with their accounts receivable: intelyFi!  

Through AI and machine learning, intelyFi provides an in-depth analysis of an organization’s outstanding AR and how to tackle it. Furthermore, it prioritizes your AR data according to their financial risks, thereby streamlining the follow-up processes.  

Here at intelyHealth, we know how a good AR analysis can transform the medical business cash flow from negative to positive. The potential transformation is why we offer a solution to help healthcare providers deal with their accounts receivables in medical billings.  

Benefits of intelyFi  

Though new in the market, intelyHealth has earned a reputation for delivering quality healthcare IT programs. IntelyFi is our specialized solution that deals with all things financial. Here are the key benefits of intelyFi 

Data Accessibility  

IntelyFi increases the accessibility of your data. It eliminates the need to run reports in multiple systems to see the data you need. With intelyFi, you can easily view all of your AR summaries because they are all in one place.  

This increased accessibility enables better inter-departmental workflows. It also helps in catching up with AR backlogs. As a result, there will be an increase in cash flow.  

User interface  

IntelyFi has a user-friendly interface that you will surely love. With this user-friendly interface, you can now process and post unapplied payments to ensure your data accuracy.  

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