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by Vijay Ramasundaram

At Carrum Downs Dental in Frankston-Dandenong Road we are committed to apply our dental knowledge and skills in a caring and gentle way, you will feel at ease while we work on your smile. You will definitely appreciate the warm...

 Healthcare /  Australia / 12 views


Safaeewala Cleaning Services LLC delivers the most practical and environmentally friendly Sofa shampooing in Dubai at your door step. The upholstery can be kept clean with routine vacuuming and cleaning, but it should at least undergo deep cleaning once a...

 Services /  United Arab Emirates / 17 views


HOW WE DO SANITISATION AND DISINFECTION services? • We arrange a visit to the specific location and evaluate the space for the pre-cleaning service after the appointment is requested. Our best cleaners finish the job in a short time, allowing...

 Services /  United Arab Emirates / 19 views


It is challenging to find time to maintain proper house cleaning services due to busy schedules. Safaeewala cleaning services is the greatest approach to guarantee that your home is always clean and tidy. Whether you require weekly, biweekly, monthly, or...

 Services /  United Arab Emirates / 18 views


Office Cleaning services in Dubai is essential for maintaining healthy and comfortable atmosphere for both your company and your staff. Nobody like working in dirty environment. The dirt, dust and stains that have accumulated through time will be removed by...

 Services /  United Arab Emirates / 24 views

by neethu neethu

Intelligent Document Processing How It Works The Intelligent Document Processing solution uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning tools to identify, label, and extract relevant data from any input document. The...

 Artificial Intelligence /  United States / 14 views

by Daniel Berry

Advance Security offers you a full range of highly professional security services. Today surveillance stands as an essential tool for protecting people as well as property round the clock. We provide you with solutions for an entire spectrum of industries....

 United States / 18 views

by priya arora

What is a BPO call center, and what does it do? However, not all businesses can provide the level of call center service their consumers want because they lack the necessary personnel, technology, and expertise. In some cases, customers demand...

 Blogs /  India / 26 views

by Craft Maestros

Handicrafts are simply something that is made by hand very carefully. It requires arduous and continuous efforts of the artisan to make one handicraft. You can understand it with the example of Pashmina shawls. It will take around 180 hours...

 Products /  India / 43 views

by sprint filter

The cars air filter is usually a pleated-paper filter that is installed in the vehicle's passenger compartment's outside air intake. Some of these filters are rectangular and resemble the engine air filter in design. Others are specially designed to fit...

 Automotive Parts /  Italy / 41 views

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