The Best Family reunions Rocky Point in Mexico.

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Puerto Penasco is home to many beaches, but the most popular ones are sandy beach and Playa Bonita. While exploring these beaches, you never know what you find. You may come across baby crabs, conch shells, jellyfish, live starfish, sand dollars, sea slugs, or even octopus! Puerto Penasco is also known as rocky point, and for your stay, you need hotels or villas. There are many hotels with beachfront locations. This is the best family reunions rock point.

Beachfront villa Puerto Penasco
The best option while visiting rocky point is renting yourself a beachfront villa in Puerto Penasco. The advantage of doing this rather than booking a hotel is that you will feel like living in your own house while on the same time enjoying your vacation. Villas are fully furnished with a fully functional kitchen. You can cook whatever you want whenever you want or you can just order from outside and eat your meal in peace while looking at the beach from your window.
Good spot
Find a good spot at the beach, bring yourself beach chairs, towels, and other necessary stuff and get yourself some rays on the beach. While sitting and relaxing, you will find some locals selling some jewelry and scarfs. Approach them and buy one.
If you are a lady and want your hair to be tied in braids, you can do that as well. Some locals stood roaming around for the hairstyles. You have to pay them and whoa! Your braid is done.
Jet skiing
Rent yourself a watercraft. Along the beachside, you will see plenty of people with jet skis and boards allowing you to use their craft in exchange of money for the specific time slot. They will also teach you how to turn it on, take turns, apply brakes, and much more. This is a good way of having dun inside the water. They cost you around $10-$15 per half hour.

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