Selection of Grinding Wheel Products

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Choosing By Abrasive Grain
It is mainly related to machining surface roughness and productivity.
Coarse grinding, grinding allowance is large, the required surface roughness value is large, should choose a coarser abrasive. Because of coarse abrasive grain and large porosity, grinding depth can be large, and grinding wheel is not easy to block and heat.
Fine grinding, the allowance is small and the roughness value is low, so fine abrasive particles can be selected.
Generally speaking, the finer the abrasive grain, the better the surface roughness.

Choosing By Hardness
The hardness of grinding wheel refers to the firmness of grinding grain and adhesive on the surface of grinding wheel. The hardness of grinding wheel is soft, indicating that the grinding wheel is easy to fall off, while the hardness of grinding wheel is hard, indicating that the grinding wheel is difficult to fall off. The hardness of grinding wheel and abrasive hardness are two different concepts. The same abrasive can be made into grinding wheels of different hardness, which is mainly determined by the performance and quantity of binder and grinding wheel manufacturing technology. The significant difference between grinding and cutting is that the grinding wheel has “self-sharpening”. Choosing the hardness of the grinding wheel is actually choosing the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel. It is hoped that the sharp grains will not fall off too early, nor will they fall off when they are blunt.

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