DigiByte Price Prediction: Will DGB Price Surge 2X This 2022?

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In the ever-evolving crypto world, plenty of start-ups have been mushrooming over the years. Which have been thriving to establish recognition in the business. Amongst a myriad of digital currencies, DigiByte is one such rapidly growing open-source blockchain project. Which intends to cater to the existing flaws in the rivals.
With the market being in a rut, marketers have been evaluating a number of crypto assets for investment opportunities. Wondering if DigiByte’s DGB can be an ideal buy for the future? Look no further as this write-up will illustrate the feasible price predictions for 2022 and the years to come!
DigiByte had made its way into 2022 with a starting price of $0.03412. Ranging in the downtrend the price slid down to $0.0206 by the 21st of January, amidst the market-wide sell-off. After ranging sideways until the 4th of February, the price climbed to $0.028 by the 10th of February.

However, panic and FUD creeping into the market owing to tensities around the globe, resulted in a downswing to $0.01721. The 27th of March was a remarkable day for DGB as it portrayed a 76.97% single-day spike. Thereafter a pullback closed the quarter at $0.034.

DigiByte’s (DGB) Price Prediction For Q2
The start to the second quarter has been coarse for DigiByte. The altcoin has slipped down to its support at $0.01375 from the peaks of the start of the month. If it seeks impetus from an increase in buyers count. The price of DGB might escalate to $0.0205 by the end of June.

On the contrary, the price might tumble down to $0.0108. Successively, a balance in trade activities might restrict the price to $0.0169.

DGB’s Forecast For Q3
The fundamental traits of the project such as faster transactions, security, and the level of decentralization. Might help DGB ascend to its potential high of $0.03259. On the contrary, if the bears outrun the bulls, the price might crash to $0.0193. That said, constrained by linear price action, the regular price might land at $0.0269.

Prediction Of DGB For Q4
If the maker’s rollout developmental and community building initiatives to empower the network. The price of DGB might escalate to its potential high of $0.0468. Conversely, failing to adhere to its expectations might result in negative criticism. Which could haunt the price down to $0.0309. Factoring in the bullish and bearish targets, the average price might stand at $0.038.

DGB Price Forecast For 2023
Things might turn fruitful for DigiByte if the community concentrates on more transparency and attracts investors. In such a scenario, the price might spike up to $0.0959 by the end of 2023. On the flip side, ebbing dominance might slash the price to $0.04239.

Price Prediction Of DigiByte For 2024
If DigiByte attracts more adoptions and collaborations, whilst attracting institutional money. DGB’s price might soar up to a maximum of $0.2101. However, factors like regulatory concerns or financial crises might drag the price down to $0.10314.

Price Trajectory For 2025
If Digibyte continues to provide a seamless and user-friendly platform for transactions. And if it enhances the security of the users. DGB could break its price records and it might gain more price momentum with intensified market capitalization. Wherefore, the price might climb up to its potential high of $0.4813. In case it faces stiffer competition from emerging rivals, the price might fall to $0.19918.

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