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Pathology Lab Test at Home by Mediyaar Healthcare provides our best services and advice about the best available Medical checkups, Full Body Checkup Online, and Best Pathology Lab tests at your Home. We provide only verified and best specialists for your better health. Take care of yourself before the disease takes over. Book Now!

What is The IgE Test and Its Cost?

The total IgE Test Price by Mediyaar is just Rs- 400 only. but its original price is 520. An immunoglobulin E (IgE) Test is a blood test that is used for measures the levels of different IgE antibodies in a person’s blood. Sometimes this test is used to diagnose and better manage food allergies. They can also be helpful for environmental allergy diagnosis in some cases. You can keep track of your health in the best way because Mediyaar Healthcare is India’s best leading health test @home service. You can save a huge amount with us by booking your test.

What are a Lipid Profile Test and Its cost?

The lipid profile test cost in India ranges from Rs 380 to Rs 1100/- It varies depending on multiple factors like lab, city, locality, components, etc. You can book the Lipid profile test by Mediyaar Healthcare for just Rs- 380 only. The Lipid Profile Test is generally useful for detecting, monitoring, and classifying dyslipidemia. The results of a Lipid Profile Test can assist us to understand, measure, monitor, diagnosing, and prevent a host of medical conditions, some of them potentially fatal. So, You can save a huge amount with us by booking your test.

What is The Torch Test and Its Cost?

The Torch All Ten panel is a health checkup that includes tests on 10 parameters. It is a group of blood tests. This test is used to diagnose infections that could harm the unborn baby during pregnancy. It is important to screen early to prevent infections from being passed to the fetus. Torch Test Price is available now at a discounted rate of 1900, Its original price is 2200, You can book a Thyrocare Torch test with us only at the lowest cost. Book Now!

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