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Thank you for dropping by. Epoxy Global is bring to the market exciting innovations to the rapidly evolving epoxy industry.

When we think of Epoxy we ofter think of industrial or garages. Not anymore. New additives, materials and vibrant colours make Epoxy an indispensible material for residential purposes as well.


Office and Commercial

Industrial applications.

Your next renovation project or new build deserves Epoxy Global. Talk to our team, send us your drawings. We would be more than happy to offer advice and a free no-obligation quote.

Residential Services

Counter and bar tops
It’s a popular choice for refinishing bars due to the durability of the epoxy resin. It can resist scratches and provide years of use before the surface dulls. It can also tolerate most cleaning materials without losing its luster. Epoxy Global experts can apply epoxy over most countertop materials, including: Formica, Laminate, Ceramic, Metal, Wood, and concrete. We can recreate the look of granite and stone at a fraction of the cost.

Garage Floors
The garage has become more then a place where you park the car. Epoxy Global’s full line up of Garage Epoxy Surfaces was so popular we added to out portfolio of applications You can now select from a variety of understated colors and hues. Other options are custom colors, metallics, and blends of color flakes that match your style, home, or even your favorite sports team. Instantly transform your concrete into a professional looking floor of beauty and function.

Stair Cases
Epoxy resin can be used to coat any internal or external stairs, no matter if they are made of concrete or tiles, or if they are cantilever, spiral or modular stairs. Epoxy paint is simply that – a paint. An epoxy coating is typically made up of two-parts — a resin and a hardener — Consult with an Epoxy Global professional for long-lasting results. Click here for a free quote.

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